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Trial by Terror

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  • Trial by Terror

    Trial by Terror

    I am stunned. I am stricken. I cry ‘why?’
    Why do you message in blood, a persecuted flood,
    Of ravaged girls and headless boys.
    How will this convert me?

    Slaughtering innocents and non-combatants,
    Invaders for god, a fervent squad,
    Skewering non-believers.
    In what do you want us to believe?

    A god of vengeance and carnal pleasure
    Who advocates vague caliphates
    Forcing flights into hellish holes?
    I do not understand.

    I believe in a God of mercy, forgiveness, and love,
    A God of peace refusing to police
    Those who do not follow.
    Does this make sense to you?

    Instilling fear around the world;
    Making all things gory your signature glory;
    Is this serving god or serving you?
    I am mystified.

    Butchering to change the world;
    Acts we bemoan––but our silences condone,
    Too terrified to confront.
    Why would we want to be like you?

    Holy ashes disprove claimed peace;
    Every killer bomb undermines Islam
    While angels weep at poisoned truth.
    Will there be any soul survivors?

    I pray that you will know His Love,
    Unloose the veil, all hate exhale,
    And you will be forgiven.
    Can you envision redemption?