I know you're real
I've felt your love
Felt the pain
That you gave

But God,
Why make your children,
Suffer through the pain
Suffer the agony
That this world gave

Why cause your children

Hate in the eyes of children
Agony in the hearts of the innocent
Why lead us to depression
Why lead us to obsession
Why lead us to suppression
Why lead us to the devil

Why lead us to your enemy
Tears no longer let me see
Why you made this world

Your children are dying
Your people are suffering
This kingdom is crumbling

Yet you sit up there
High on your pedestal
Watching the world burn
Watching the rich
Destroy the poor
Watching your children kill each other
Watching babies without their mother
Watching sin corrupt the world
Watching madness unfold
Watching what you told
Simply be undone
Watching your children's hearts
Turn to ash
Turn to nothing
Scourged by sin
Led to a life of pure and utter

Watching lives become meaningless
Letting it all happen
To thin out the weak?
To send more every week?
Straight to hell
Why even create us
Why not speak to us
Let us hear your voice
It will save us
Even the Bible attests
Just by believing your grace
But where is the grace in this world
All i see is suffering,
All i see, is turning to nothing.