To say that beauty is only skin deep
look in her eyes you surely know her beauty runs deep
to the beautiful smile makes every man weep
to hold her in my arms no price is to steep
to everyman's heart she will be the one defeat
she has the beauty, that will make you bow to her feet
her memorable smell, something so sweet
even her hair is passed the point of extraordinarily neat
you can bet that her love is not ordinary and will never be beat
memorable she is, hope for a chance, I'm told to pick a number
and take a seat..
i can't wait…
she is one you have to fight to keep
love can be so kind and sweet
but cuts so deep
i see my turn…
i told her my love burns of a fire
i tell her with out love I'm cold
she's the heat of my fire
without her i fold
she's my heart's desire
i run up to hold her hand…
i suddenly combust!
in a million pieces,
I'm picking up the pieces
i think to myself maybe this was lust
i kiss her hand and walk away…
i walk and pray
that its her heart that she trust
and won't let this love stray
a two piece puzzle
to me sounds easy enough
even then it requires luck