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  • Understanding?

    for a while, I thought I understood
    what I still don't understand
    and now, at last, I've come to know
    nothing ever goes as planned

    I used to think I understood
    what may never, ever, be
    it's clear that's just the way of things
    at least, perhaps, for me...

    yes, maybe understanding is
    a tad bit over-rated
    or, maybe, as the seasons go
    our thoughts become too jaded

    but, maybe understanding this
    might leave me more elated
    or, maybe each new morning brings
    back memories once faded...

    now, the end result is: nothing true
    is truthfully understood
    and, the understanding needed here
    compels me that I should

    believe it old, yet, see it new
    which seems to me quite odd
    to see that's just the way things are
    convinced it's really not

    still, maybe understanding means
    to never quite know it all
    that maybe, with each passing year
    our hearts learn to take the fall

    but, maybe life's a pot of beans --
    diff'rent colors, large and small
    or, maybe understanding starts
    from reading "writing on the wall"

    by Rik English (written 5 Jan 2015)
    [Posted 1 Feb 2015]