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  • Mr.Done

    Hello there, nice to meet you
    My name is Mr. Done
    I can read your mind
    It has truly been quite fun

    I can see your soul
    And its really kinda bland
    Normal worries normal fears
    Just the small old boring brand

    Normally I wouldn’t care
    You’re just normal human trash
    Just blowing in the wind
    Like lifeless boring ash

    But it seems you have something of mine
    That I desperately need back
    The funny thing is
    I need the thing you have but lack

    Now don’t get to shy
    I know how this plays out
    You’re debating not scream
    Not to cry Not to shout

    But you can’t do a thing
    And thats exactly what I need
    You have the ability to sit and watch
    While others bleed

    You lack the ability to stand
    Fight and start a war
    But this ability is much more valuable
    Than what you take it for

    You see it really bothers me
    To see a human just like you
    So pathetic so helpless
    With a heart just so untrue

    So I take this power
    And send you on your way
    Now go out into the world
    They are your toy for play

    Now you smile and live a life
    That you are no longer dreading
    To bad for all your victims
    Its your blood that they are shedding

    Now do you understand
    What I have done to the human race
    You see all you wanted to do join the fun
    And now begins the chase

    So you no longer sit back
    And watch while others plead
    Now you became the reason
    That they begin to bleed