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    As I grow older, my perspective changes,
    No longer a child, acting so wild, rather my knowledge exchanges,
    With the world and I,
    Time just goes by, how did I fall from so high,
    I don't want to be the bad guy, I just want to fly,
    But everything revolves around money,
    No longer the knowledge that no one acknowledges, it's kind of funny,
    Working so hard, just to get a bank card, these are just my regards,
    But if you have no power, than you'll be stuck in the rush hour,
    I grew up around Eminem, listening through the radio on FM, and what I must condemn,
    Is we have to change our ways, before we cast Earth into its final days,
    So don't disregard this as wasted work
    Because in the end, I'll smirk, while you go berserk.