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  • To My Fans

    I hate when boys catch emotions.
    You dunk my love potion.
    I told you I'm poison.
    Every rose has a thorn
    You just didn't believe the warning noise an'
    I laugh
    Cause you learned from love's wrath.
    No relationship,
    But you still considering my past.
    Get out of here!
    You listening but ion think you can hear.
    What I'm spitting only makes it to your left ear.
    You wanted years
    I wanted a conversation.
    But you continued to think we had relevant relations.
    You was never my man, and never had claims
    Never try to house wild animals that can't be tamed.
    What a shame,
    You saw my outer mask, but never learned my true name.
    Monroe, lil' boy you need to know.
    You can say all you want about me,
    But I got screenshots, you wasn't saying that in my phone