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A Sword of Wisdom

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  • A Sword of Wisdom

    There are no rules in the book of life
    “You’ll understand someday
    As you grow, you’ll start to know”
    Is all they’ll ever say
    I don’t know what lies beyond
    The shallow veil of doubt
    Mistakes are less than rare
    They’re sure to more than sprout
    They’ll trip me as I’m walking
    On this winding road of life
    They’ll wrap around my shoulders
    Or pierce me like a knife
    And I will break, and I will fall
    And my tears will spill
    But when I learn, I will return
    Having at last found the will
    And I will fight my wars
    With a sword of wisdom
    A shield of knowledge
    And a cape of chrism
    And having grown
    And having known
    I will laugh at the child
    Who I know I am now
    I will tell her to smile
    And unfurrow her brow
    And when she looks in the mirror
    She’ll have seen the greater hand
    She’ll have known what they told her
    She will understand

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    I enjoyed reading this. Good job