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The River Rouge Complex

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  • The River Rouge Complex

    The River Rouge Complex

    Maybe it was Lincoln Park,
    Maybe the Biograph
    Empty and oh so dark,
    But something struck a spark
    And lit up love at last.

    So it was, we both were swayed
    Beside the Greyhound bus,
    Which left without delay
    When nothing could separate
    The two of us.

    We’d be gone, that much we knew,
    Drabness here would get to us,
    And we’d ditch our hometown blues
    And find a gig to suit
    The two of us.

    But we weren’t in River Rouge,
    Had no share in Ford’s disgust,
    Saw no call for his refuge,
    His Americana rouge
    That few could trust ---

    Any more than Kansas City
    Or Jackson and its bluff
    Or dreams of sitting pretty
    Could pare the nitty-gritty
    Knitting us.