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Understanding our love

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  • Understanding our love

    I am Kia. Kia I am. Do you ever get the feeling there’s love that you’ve been deprived of? Do you ever get the feeling there’s a friend at the next dead end?
    Do you ever get the feeling there’s someone in which you have everything in common? I’m positively certain that this stranger will be a complete game changer. I have a feeling he will change my life and make me his wife.
    As soon as we met I broke into a sweat. He took away my breath and I thought I was going to face certain death. Every word he says makes my insides flutter like a bird. He lights a candle in my sights. He sends my insides into override, He lights my passion with a certain sense of fashion. As far as I can see he is meant to be with me. He is Jordan. Jordan he is. Lover of my life, He can send me into bliss with only a kiss. I wager that is kind of suspicious.
    Life without him would be spent in such strife. Whatever, I could never live without him whatsoever. This is a love to hold above. His kiss is one that you will definitely miss. When he is in my dream all I can do is beam. The moment I met him I knew he was my chosen. When he was almost stolen my heart instantly became swollen with constant wanting. Is this man god’s game plan?
    Is this boy my joy? Will this boy destroy my heart? Will he leave me with a broken heart? No, he will stay and make my day less grey, but the girl will have to pay for trying to take my happiness away.
    Love is a dove. We have banded together to make sure my landing ends with me standing. Love is jove. What is jove? No one knows, but I reckon it is good.
    Jordan is the warden. He keeps my heart while I sleep. My heart was his from the start and honestly he was smart to have chosen me as his poison. I am happy that everyone is so understanding of our outstanding love.