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The Illusion of Difference

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  • The Illusion of Difference

    The illusion of difference,
    When we are truly all the same,
    The judgments and preconceived notions of our generation,
    That is what we must blame.

    We all have our struggles,
    Every problem we face is unique,
    The pain can vary,
    Some are strong and some are meek.

    Understanding is key,
    Tolerance is required,
    Someone may not have the same opinion as you,
    And someone may have just been fired.

    There are so many kinds of people,
    Everyone has his or her own burden,
    Some people choose to be open,
    But others hide their pain behind curtains.

    Sometimes there is hate,
    Because of race or sexuality,
    But it is important to know,
    That we are the same in actuality.

    It is important not to judge others based on things that are unknown,
    People are not all the same and can’t be memorized like the back of your hand,
    When all is said and done,
    It is imperative that you attempt to understand.