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  • Understanding Me

    2015 the year of me and all of the things I want to be
    Been storing my ammunition for this mission
    Training for the perfect moment to attack...
    Bounce back to me, the strong woman I used to be
    Confident and determined, I carry myself with class and alot of sas,
    You mistake me for bossy,nah, I am just saucy
    I know what I want...savant...
    Yeah I am scholarly but I understand poverty
    shit wasn't handed to me I had to pay the admission fee
    now I am workin on my third degree
    I ain't crazy just wanna live comfortably
    Maybe I like materialistic things but I ain't fake
    I'm awake Ima realist idealist I don't judge or hold a grudge
    Unless you rude and prude no time for that
    Cocked hat always to the right but I ain't a thug
    Don't underestimate or undermine cuz trust me it will be the last time
    you try to define...ME...You say I got demons maybe I just got reasons
    Reasons for standing tall and not letting myself fall...
    For u..what you gonna do with a girl like me?
    She, wants to be in charge, at large running the show making the cash flow
    Independent flight attendant no're a pilot off you go
    No destination...translation..I do my thing got no ring gonna live it up and do me
    Nominee..gonna be the queen of my 2015
    ~Lara Lyn, Wisconsin~