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  • Not to Linger

    She stroked his eyelid with a finger
    And said “You know I cannot linger.
    Would I’d stay and would I’d’nt leave
    But diverging now ours fates do cleave.
    Yours fly up and mine fly low,
    If my heart would stay your life would go.
    Forget me, love, lest mine leave you cold,
    For loving me will make you old.
    Upon a stream of gladness we’d flown,
    But never am I to leave my fate sewn;
    I wish for both lives but I’ll have you know:
    To pine for me will leave you in snow.

    “I don’t wish to hurt you nor us to fight;
    Without me to grasp you good fortune takes flight.
    You call me a gem and beg until late,
    But bright stones are heavy and have a great weight.
    Cast me off as the frippery I am
    And your hurts will drain from behind the dam.
    I warned you my heart and its wont to flee
    But you claimed it could only give you glee.
    Does it glee you now to see me go?
    I know, I know I warned you so.
    Alas, I should not blame you so cruel,
    Over mine heart I should have rule.
    But rule I cannot, I’m weak, of always,
    For all such men of pretty shades.
    Your heart I did genuinely admire
    But it fades before mine restless fire.
    That’s it, it’s done, I’ll blame no more;
    I’ll go at once, though I know not where for.

    “I have been unkind, this now I see;
    If I wished you good I’d never have been.
    I’d never have stayed first I ought have left,
    But at least with leaving I am most deft.
    Listen closely to me, dear,
    Though I know you do not wish to hear.
    My advice is sound, for I’ve lived overlong,
    Some days I feel like bits of song—
    They teach us best, the stories do,
    For they know us best, even I and you.

    “My advice is thus, and I’ll say it brief;
    You deserve the time I’ll try setting to leaf:
    Forget me, my love, for of it I’m worth not,
    There are others who see what I’ve forgot.
    Be not unhappy I’ve treated you ill,
    By no fault of your own is my heart of the hills.
    Seek gladness in those who do see you true,
    They wish you the best, as I do too.
    Set free your fears, love, set free your hurts,
    For your time is of much better worth,
    And if you are to live life well,
    On sore dreams you will not dwell.
    Take comfort in that you can change,
    For as time passes I’ll remain.
    It sounds like cruelty, this I realize,
    But a man’s greatest treasure is that he dies.
    Without chance to change, and will, and means,
    Misery of happiness so demeans.
    Be joyed in your hardships, for they mean you are strong;
    With heart and head together you’ll never go wrong.
    Hearts never lie, but hurt you they will;
    Truths can’t deny that they can cause you ill.
    Don’t begrudge them, however, they cannot change;
    Pity, instead, that which remains.
    For truths would hurt less if change they could,
    But men all are apt to be stiff as wood.
    Pretend then, perhaps, that you be flowers in sun;
    Could I but change, I would cease to run.
    Running is pleasing, invigorating like cold,
    But without proper rest one cannot grow old;
    If one cannot old, then one cannot die;
    Would I could die, would I, would I.

    “I speak overlong, a habit I’m told,
    But what am I to be but bold?
    I’ll steal from you less breaths now, and hurry on my way,
    Pray to not see me again, love; pray, pray, pray.”