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    A Thousand
    If I live a thousand years, what will I hope to know?
    That greed and hate can conquer all, if all are filled with woe?
    If I see a thousand sunsets, will dark mask up all day?
    Will human kind bring down itself, when faults we're forced to pay?
    If I lose a thousand friendships, will I be forced to voice,
    that sometimes we don't understand, when others make a bad choice?
    If I win a thousand battles, the battle will I have won?
    It matters how I got to there, and what I will have done.
    If I hate a thousand people, will I ever make my amends?
    Or just go hating day and night, and live at opposite ends?
    If I learn a thousand lessons, what will I truly have learned?
    That humans all are selfish and, it will take all time to be turned?
    If I die a thousand deaths, how will I end my life?
    Without a single kin or friend, and lie alone in strife?
    If I'm given a thousand chances, which is what I'm given today,
    I'll show the best of who I am, and come life as it may.