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  • Education

    Express everything the key to your door can't open.
    Don't let them come in,
    And take what cant been stolen.
    You have power.
    No god, but you have control,
    Don't have to underline facts,
    but you have stand up; be bold.
    Structure comes with function
    And with function comes success,
    Don't let anything hold you down
    That stops you from doing your best.
    Nightmares ain't shit,
    It's the dreams you have to be scared of
    Cause when you wake up from slumber,
    You have to demolish the fairytales you made up.
    Im not trying to be harsh,
    Or scare you from believing.
    But you have to think of your surroundings
    Would you rather follow
    Or be the one leading.
    Make you choice.
    Hold your head up.
    Love your voice.
    Stay where you're at
    Get that education.
    One thing you can learn,
    Keep your eyes on your own paper.