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Trying to Understand Love .

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  • Trying to Understand Love .

    At 5am you call me,

    Tell me sorry for the secrets you enclosed on the nape of my neck and I will forgive you,

    Hug my pillow tight and fight teardrops as they fall on the same sheets you made me your canvas and you will ask me how I feel.

    I will remain silent for two stanzas until, it becomes deafening. But in my defense, talking to you was always a one way street. You will tell me to open up, just a little more, like my legs that wrapped around you before your idea of love .
    Funny because, you trade in my vulnerability for fuel. Take it like a tool and use it to hoe amongst many gardens, because you were sick of farming with the frigid. And yes I'll admit it was a bit precocious to explore this situation of feelings and excuses, but who could refute the redundant nature of romance

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