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For Colored Girls .

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  • For Colored Girls .

    she was the color of
    when the sky greets the moon,
    so they assumed
    she must be irrational ,
    in fact they kept an arsenal
    of preconceived dispositions,
    and she was fuming
    words so fueled with hate you see her venom

    i would watch the way
    she would glow from within
    covering herself in nectar
    she kept her
    moisturizing routine a secret
    blending cocoa and confidence
    but sp15 couldnt block the ignorance
    so sometimes she had to find shade

    flee from the light and find aid
    in beauty of the dark
    such a lost art form she contoured
    pigments on a canvas
    using hues from black to blue ,
    and though you could never see the ink stains from the pain she has written
    she understands her skin sheds existence
    as she writes their wrongs.

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    its a beautiful poem that made me cry because well... I, as well as many others, know the pain of hating your own skin because of otber peoples hatred. I used to think myself the devil because I'm cherokee and as it goes, 'the devil has redskin too,' and I thought if I took enough showers I could wash away the fire, if I stayed inside long enough the evil would fade away... I've never seen this discussed ina poem though, especially not with such beautiful language from and angry, though I'm very sure, a beautiful person, who if not for other's hatred would more then lilely have no reason to hate your own skin...