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    I finally understand that there ain't no understanding, lotta snakes in this world who play there cards underhanded, so much hate it's hard to stand it but damn it,
    damn it I'm a man.
    A human born of a woman who then spent every moment beating me hoping to make me feel inhuman.
    And and I know you won't understand but I
    didn't fucking write this for you.
    This is for those who were teased their whole life
    Either for your clothes or just cuz you werent liked
    or cause you smelled bad forgot to shower last night
    or maybe you can't shower aint no water in the pipes
    forgot to pay the bills, and your cousin gave you lice
    carving smiling faces into your arm with a knife
    doin any drug to numb it when you feel that it might
    drive you insane, drive you to claim your own life...
    Yea, I wrote this for those who hate to be alive
    feel a throbbing aching pain way down deep inside
    know that it's real but really can't describe
    it because your minds cold, broken, and deprived
    a blazing fire burning just behind bloodshot eyes
    drowning it with alcohol but still it won't subside
    heart beating too fast inside flesh you now despise
    still breathing but no longer desire to survive..,
    This goes out to anyone who's never hada friend
    distant family always asking but nothing to lend
    try to be the hero always end up the victim
    havent comitted that many really horrible sins
    by the words of every text I am already condemned
    tears flowing I ask the judge and jury in the stands
    "is there a single one among you who is innocent?"
    but i'm just talking to myself i'm my biggest hater
    single fat and twenty two with nothing i'ma failure
    not known to shoot the shit really a spectator
    pushing twenty three and still in the same trailer...
    I wrote this for my brothers with a poverty income
    please listen to this wisdom from within-
    it's the Man not the money no matter the millions
    screaming I'm so hungry I'm trying to roll a trillion
    no more paying the minimums never pay a bill again
    hire a staff to do it for me...
    yea, I wrote this for me, and for all those who came before me. All the women who once adored me,
    don't return, trust me I'm not sorry,
    love fucking,
    buck wild at a party.
    because I-
    I can't find life's
    So I guess that life's
    Treat your body like
    a temple it's
    Look behind my eyes
    it's empty I'm
    Once I was able to fly
    or so it seems
    Think it really happened but it might
    have been a dream
    Been searching
    low and high
    for life's
    I'm learning
    live or die
    this life's
    so why,
    fucking why
    should I try,
    when I
    can work my
    whole life
    then lose it all when I
    My name won't live on
    not even for a moment.
    Once I'm gone
    time will keep rolling,
    without me,
    not a single good thing about me,
    But wise men say what happens
    in life echoes for eternity,
    so I guess because of this magic
    God'll enjoy burning me...
    Yes, I know I shouldn't be um
    doing what I'm doing
    But I'm free and I'm young
    so just let me be stupid,
    This is me, I'm having fun,
    and my dreams are lucid,
    like I'm awake and halluci
    nating outside of my mind,
    Just bought twenty bottles,
    three of which are mine.
    Gotta bag of good
    more purple than a vine,
    mix it swith some opium
    bound to have a good time,
    just been smokin that kush,
    and drinking my wine,
    I know I shouldn't be um,
    doing what I'm doing
    but I'm free and I'm young
    so just let me be stupid.
    It's my life...

  • #2 me crazy but I really liked this!


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      thank you very much, been really depressed recently and your reply made me smile thank you


      • brittlilbit
        brittlilbit commented
        Editing a comment
        You are definitely not alone. I know that feeling all too well. Stay strong and you're welcome!