self defense
A noun and a verb
That allows unjust killings to be silent and unheard
Now more than just a genocide
Casualties are a plague
If you live here, you're killed
This isn't a war rather the American Battlefield

self defense
Legal in only a few and-
It's killed more than just these too
But it's okay, we were taught to never have a say
Minstrel coon, act a fool, don't forget to bow down too
It's supposed to be modern slavery
No chains, no whips but we're killed daily

How do you protect yourself?
Against a person with no weapon!
Tell me!
This society has fallen death and-
I don't think there's any going back
We thought we learned from our past
But it's caught up to us, we can't out run it
It's too fast

This country is blind
And unlike Keller we can't recover
Eventually we will fall
Like Rome it will be over
This battle will kill us all,
USA will be no longer.