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  • Understand?!

    To understand, gain insight, to see
    The light turning on inside - sets you free
    A concept, solution or a thoughtful rap
    That takes you down an alternate path
    To share with others an idea or a notion
    An understanding of deeper emotions
    If you listen, you'll come to know
    Understanding helps you grow
    It's not one way, it's a two way street
    Where many emotions, intersect and compete
    Where sometimes your Peace Treaty takes a backseat
    So understand my friend or foe
    It takes great patience to learn and let go
    But when you do, you'll start to unwind
    And see how its helped to unclutter your mind
    Understanding brings clarity to issues great and small
    So get some now before life throws you the next curve ball!

    ~Sabrina Ramina, Massachusetts
    Last edited by Sabrina Ramina; 02-01-2015, 06:56 PM.