Understanding the Development Dilemma.

Amazing the different messages sent
When the town gets a new development.
‘Tis not viewed the same by all
This thing some now call urban sprawl.

Merchants start to rub their hands
Anticipating tills will soon expand.
Opportunity all trades will feel
Newlyweds sense a new home deal.

Janitors see more dirty toilets
Environmentalists wail, “you’re going to spoil it.”
Neighboring families say, “that’s enough!”
The golf course loses some of its rough.

School district shouts, “we’re out of room!”
The chamber lauds impending boom.
Fire department needs another truck,
Realtors can’t believe their luck.

Media gains some fresher news
Local bar will sell more booze.
City fathers have more to figure out
Postal carriers must adjust their route.

Agencies ask for a 5-year projection,
Police concern is enough protection.
Construction noise will shatter nerves
The bigots forecast, “more foreigners.”

While mayor applauds new demographic
The road department says woe to traffic.
Border towns get bent out of shape
When Wal-Mart comes, the place goes ape.

Aristocrats call it all a disgrace,
Say it should be built in a different place.
Thus, the reality of development progress,
Perspective whether it will curse or bless.

Seems the bigger the project and the greater the cause
All standby critics will feast on the flaws
How can this conflict ever work out?
At least there’s now plenty to moan about!