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The Lessons of Growing Up

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  • The Lessons of Growing Up

    In my life I’ve come to understand many things.
    I’ve experienced love, and I’ve accepted loss.
    I’ve swelled with pride, and I’ve stung with rejection.
    I’ve figured out how to raise a family, and be a good mother as well as wife.
    I’ve better grasped politics, economics, and finance.
    I’ve learned how to take my coffee and hold my liquor.
    I’ve mastered being a full-time worker and a full-time mom.

    But the one thing I still cannot fathom is you.
    Why you found no interest in politics, economics, and finance.
    Why you never wanted to be a mother, raise a family.
    Why you weren’t there to help me discern the secrets of growing up.
    Why you left me the way that you did.
    I’ve come to understand many things in my time, mom
    But the one thing I’ll never understand is you.