The truth will set up you free,
So I'm going to tell you the truth
And I will speak my mind even when the man upstairs yells stop
The lion in me will not suffice, until I have efficiently stalked my prey
And eaten it.
The physical demonic being that lives inside, will transform to be superior and grasp the authority it's meant to have
Not because there's no longer a place for it to hide, but because the power it now holds, is no longer weak, and will begin to rise
And will keep rising
and will keep rising until, the tension built inside no longer is 'comfortable' like the setting on your first email address because you were comfortable.
It's now compact, a subunit of humanity, still wondering if you'll ever be considered
In this world having an identity is a crime,
Yet no charge is given to the living offender,
But You still face time in this jail cell of a world.
We consider this life, yet living hasn't even started.
We search for the imperfectly perfect,
cause the perfectly imperfect doesn't exist
Leaving us still wandering on the opposite side of glass but reaching,
And barely grasping isn't even an option in this world You hide behind sheer shower curtains,
praying the water won't touch where I burns
But it still hurts,
the stinging sensation still exists
Without the added pain of water.
The only substance needed to sustain human life,
One of many that can kill you
This world is so confusing.