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There are the thoughts in my head and then the things that I've said
Each its own entity struggling inside me
One always wins while the other takes the loser seat labeled as sin
And this is where the confusion begins

I don't know when
But somewhere along the line I lost that title called mine
Who I was and who I would be became who I wasn't and who I shouldn't be
All because of the way everyone looked at me

I didn't fit into their boxes and so I was dropped into a bag titled losses
They tied it up real tight and no matter how strong I desired the fight
I just couldn't breathe
And so this the knowledge I learned to retrieve

Keep a smile on your face
your wit in its place
keep the nightmares at bay
and in society you can stay

Because when you're called an outcast
there's an assumption you won't really last
you can only look in on heaven
from behind a very thick glass

So there are the thoughts in my head
which are nothing like the things I've said
For I understand that all life's a stage and no matter how we age
people just want the parade of the masquerade