I sat in God's palm today
as he painted the sky magnificent
and in between each stroke
he kissed my face so gently
looked lovingly into my eyes
and said I know last year was rough
but I knew that you could handle it
because I made you tough

I sat in God's palm today
as Jesus sat at his feet
and he dipped the brush in sienna
and kissed me on my cheek
I asked why my loved ones were suffering
why where they in such pain?
and God said because I favor them
and them for my own I claim
I sat in God's Palm today
as the Angels sang a song
as the color indigo dripped
and fell from God's brush without a pause
God looked left and looked right
and blessed the earth with all of his might
I felt the earth, the moon the stars
Stand at attention and applaud
I sat in God's palm today
And the moon appeared hours early
the Sun stayed near the Son
As stars twinkled brightly though day was not done
I asked the Lord to bless you Mom
I understand now that creation takes everything you've got
I pray you be shown favor above it all
it took me a lifetime to get to this spot
of imperfectly perfect understanding
I love you with every part of me
You are a gift from GOD

Chioma Okotieuro