It happens when you look at something from a number of angles.
It’s the inside,outside, and downside dismantled.
You’ll find it comes channelled-- the beginnings, endings and dialogues scrambled.
Then ironed out and untangled.
It’s understanding -- wrangled and enameled; sometimes arrived at through struggle.
But what is it really -- this understanding? It’s bits and pieces that feel like puzzles.
Is it to go down and under? To be befuddled? To be less knowledgeable, not loud -- mumbled?
Or is it to know the ins- and-outs without a doubt? Not soft, but loud.
It’s knowing the inner and outer, not under but over.
Understanding is not clouded. Just the opposite -- clear and grounded.

The seeds of what’s been planted and plotted.

Indeed, understanding is over standing endowed with explanations -- unbounded.