Song of Myself
By Micah Gritz

I am a feather; light and airy
A weightless feather drifting through the cooling wind as a
Dark storm approaches
The storm’s circular drops fall on to the smaller feathers that make me up
The drops are large; so large that they strike me and drag me down to
The abyss

I am a plankton; a creature of the sea
The dark ocean surrounds me
Not in a comfortable way; in a way that crushes me like iron squeezing coal
But I am coal
I may be a black element of darkness
But I am a fundamental building block of life
Every single living thing depends on me
And so this pressure crushes me; but I am strong

I am compressed into a diamond
Crystal clear and reflective; I am a diamond in the rough
I emerge from this darkness and before I know it
I am out

I am out, and I am hot
I make up the innards of a volcano; it depends on me
But I cause harm
I am a killer of happiness
I am a negative thought drifting through someone’s mind
Destroyer of faith
I cannot be like this anymore
What do I do?
I escape

I am a particle; a red blood cell pumping through someone’s veins
I am like a messenger for a body; important for keeping it alive
Yet this body is not alive; a body with no soul
How could something so amazing be in this position?
So I expand

I am a balloon; a young child grasps me
I am high in the sky; nothing could be more perfect
I am being grasped by a future worker; a future leader
I am curious, yet intelligent
I am perfect
I am perfect except for the fact that I have fears
I think
What happens if I pop?
Sometimes I need to learn to face my fears
To be fierce

I am a lion; strong, powerful
King of the juggle
My bright orange main surrounds my head like a crown
I am a lion, for I am a Leo
I look upon my territory; it is large
What do I think to myself?

I am strong
I can face my fears
I am artistic
I am intelligent
I am creative
My brain will keep churning; pumping out ideas
And this churning will never stop