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Understanding: A Thought Process

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  • Understanding: A Thought Process

    Understanding: A Thought Process

    I slowly turn the crippled pages,
    Of an old and tattered book,
    So free on the shelf it sat,
    While we eat, sleep, and cook.

    But then one afternoon,
    A thought struck my head,
    Leading to a chain of memories,
    As I sat on my bed.

    I thought of the world,
    So perfect and so straight,
    All the wonders of this world,
    Helped me understand fate.

    One little mistake,
    In the world around us,
    Can lead to severe mishaps,
    That will make everyone fuss.

    Our body functions,
    Like a miniature city,
    All that goes on inside of us,
    but no one notices, pity.

    Our brain is one of the most important,
    For it is like the capital of the body,
    It is the decision maker, the thought-processor,
    And it understands humanity, whether precious or shoddy.

    Then we understand,
    How everything works,
    From bugs to planes,
    And from smarts to berks.

    Our thought process is deceivable,
    But it happens by our understanding,
    Sometimes we think differently,
    And our mind may be demanding.

    We understand so little,
    Though we think it is so much,
    We think we know everything,
    Even knowledge that we cannot clutch.

    We must understand,
    The world and its wonders,
    Before it is too late,
    And the world takes away its marvels