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A Choice By Jenni Gattoni

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  • A Choice By Jenni Gattoni

    A Choice
    By Jenni Gattoni

    You say you understand
    As you reach out and grab my hand
    But I cannot read your face
    Emotion has left without a trace

    A thoughtful articulation of words
    Sounds and syllables I know you heard
    But could you hear my heart in my voice?
    Do you understand the weight of my choice?

    Do you understand my anguish?
    I worry one day that you will punish
    Or leave, because of the choice I’ve made
    If you don’t understand, I know I will pay

    I search your eyes for the soul within
    As I gaze you begin to grin
    “I understand, I do,” you say
    “Here with you, I will always stay.”