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    Saved Us

    The way that they sing,
    The way they understand.
    Artists connect with fans and our lives,
    Our problems and worries start to fade.

    The music they make to relieve us,
    To make us forget for a little while.
    How they understand is beyond my reach,
    Though what isn't is how they feel.

    Their music making us feel how they do,
    Their music making us feel alive again.
    Make us feel not alone,
    And know they feel the same sometimes is enough.

    It's enough to know you're not the only one,
    That many others feel the same as you do.
    So I'm proud and grateful,
    Of what artists do.

    Because they don't just only make music for us,
    It's because their music saved so many lives.
    Like many teens around the world,
    Including me.