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Sonnet: In a tug

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  • Sonnet: In a tug

    I spook crimson fields flooded with motion,
    Rotten trees flytrap Venus with blooming gun,
    I continue between them drinking red potion,
    Slaughtering unwanted weed prior to black sun.
    I hide, wait for allies to fight the evil one
    That shut me off inspite my true barbaric powers.
    I charge my wrath, score an awful home run
    And the gold armaments spill forth the bell tower,
    I mourn the loss of, by picking up the bloody flowers
    And return home to repair my wounded stack.
    I stash my prize as souvenir at sixth hour
    While the vets stress me to narrate that glorious act.
    Watching out through clear window my thought varies,
    Valours given to crippled not Aries.