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Understanding God’s Words

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  • AlexaM
    I like this, and it's so true. God really is there for us. The "You are a disgrace" part seems a little harsh, though.

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  • drummergirl
    started a topic Understanding God’s Words

    Understanding God’s Words

    A puzzle so foggy
    Yet a message so clear
    His words give me a message
    That each needs to hear

    The words are so simple
    And joyous to hear
    When the words fill your heart
    He feels so near

    Written down in a book
    The best one you could receive
    Yet it’s confusing at first
    There no need to conceive

    God’s words are strong
    They can fight every combat
    When you are in a bind
    He can take you from your pain

    Just remember he is there
    He will be happy to assist
    Whenever you, feel gloomy
    You just can’t resist

    He put us here to prosper
    To fight, yet get along
    If you give your life to him
    You can always stand strong

    To understand this is easy
    Now we just find our place
    If you still don’t understand
    You are a disgrace!

    When times are really tough
    He watches
    There’s really no question
    He sees

    Just read a tiny bit
    Each and every day
    Your life will start to brighten
    In each and every way

    He loves us and he helps us
    It’s really quite nice
    His words are there to push to guide us through our life