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I Forgot My Homework

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  • I Forgot My Homework

    Hello Mr. Cabell, I had my homework to do
    And you want to know why I didn't bring it to you?
    I'll take a few moments and try to explain
    Why I'm not the one who's truly to blame.
    I have many great reasons why my homework's not done
    So I'll share my long list with reason number one.
    When I arrived home, I wasn't feeling so well
    Because my two younger brothers put me under a spell.
    I lost every pencil or were they misplaced?
    And the time I spent searching was an absolute waste.
    My homework had a tear and I dropped food on it too
    Plus my sister colored my homework a bright ocean blue.
    I was forced to watch TV and play video games
    So don't yell at me it was my sitter to blame.
    I played with my friend, then we went to the park
    And she didn't bring me home until late after dark.
    My mom threw it away or was it my dad?
    So any chance to do homework, I simply never had.
    So you see Mr. Cabell why my homework's not done?
    I have many more reasons since my list just begun.
    What Mr. Cabell, my list is a wonderful creation?
    And you think I have a creative and brilliant imagination?
    Did you just mention extra homework tonight?
    Plus you'll call mom and dad to check if my reasons are right?
    Oh wait Mr. Cabell, I hope you can see
    That I was clowning around, YES… SILLY-O-ME!
    Give me a few seconds and let me reply
    Then I promise I'll tell you the true reason why.
    When I arrived home my life was dreadfully busy
    And usually my homework sends my life into a tizzy.
    So I'm sorry Mr. Cabell there's a lesson I've learned
    That completing my homework should be my only concern.

    Last edited by Bruce Cabell; 11-28-2014, 06:26 PM.

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    Very nice. I am guessing you are a teacher! Thanks for sharing this clever and funny poem.


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      Funny. Reminds me of another poet's works that I like to read on another site. He was also a teacher, though I don't know if he's written on this topic.