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A Walk In The Park by Marian McClanahan

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  • A Walk In The Park by Marian McClanahan

    A Walk In The Park by Marian McClanahan

    I went for a walk in the park one day,
    And what did I see along the way?
    I saw a bumblebee buzzing to pay
    A visit to a rose, his work looked like play.

    I heard a frog with a very loud croak
    Near the pond, so often he could soak.
    Step lightly; so this frog you do not provoke
    Or awaken the elves and the fairies, the wee folk.
    Yes, they very well could dwell
    ‘Mid the wild flowers blooming in the dell.
    Shhh, and please don’t go running pell-mell,
    Listen, you might hear the sweet sound of a bell.
    I’m sure when all is quiet, with no one around,
    The coral bells ring, lily of the valley, too, sound,
    Snapdragons snap and tulips may kiss, I’ve found.
    With all of these happenings, enough to astound,
    A walk in the park can be exceedingly profound.

    The frog stopped his croaking, but look at the pond!
    The ducks now are swimming, they have a strong bond,
    They all swim together, directed by an invisible wand,
    Soundlessly moving, of watching them I’m truly fond.

    Next time I go I’ll take mother and brother;
    Lift up a rock and see what we discover.
    All kinds of creepy, crawly things, oh, what a wonder.
    Look under logs; see what you uncover.

    Look up at the sky, see birds on the wing,
    Beautiful butterflies out for a fling,
    Squirrels flying and seeming to swing,
    And remember, our God in heaven made you, me and everything!