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The Story of Understanding

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  • The Story of Understanding

    Guided by instincts since air filled our lungs.
    Influenced by cues from actions and tongues.

    Understanding plays a large role in life.
    It's responsible for both peace and strife.

    Let's explore how understanding survives,
    But first we must observe how it arrives.

    A mother's warm touch, a father's soft croon
    inspires the sandman to visit soon.

    Tear streaks fade as several dreams unfold
    Reviewing adventures- both new and old.

    Using all five senses, the babe explores.
    With each day passing, he understands more.

    Diapers disappear and bath time does too.
    With homework and practice, there's much to do.

    He learns to care, share, and remain polite.
    His teeth are brushed before he prays each night.

    The nights pass quickly and the days fly by.
    The years creep up and he doesn't know why.

    He finds out that friends change, as does his voice.
    He learns that with each action comes a choice.

    He understands the importance of life,
    When his own family starts with his wife.

    He witnesses hope, loss, pain, joy, and fear.
    He awaits Heaven's light when death is near.

    What if he was born to different hands?
    Would he have similar life views and stands?

    Experiences shape our notions and thoughts.
    Understanding becomes bundles of knots.

    Knots that we try to untangle with age,
    Learning that some will never disengage.

    Accidents, illnesses, abuse, and war...
    Things we don't understand, but can't ignore.

    So you see, understanding is a tool.
    You can use it to seek answers- as fuel.

    But just remember to keep spirits high,
    Have faith, stay humble, and give life a try.