Have you ever thought about inspiring others
Through leading and guiding and motivating another?
And have you ever thought you've had the desire
To stimulate human feelings by the way you inspire?
If you're not sure how to stir human emotions
Or to inspire with love then put these actions into motion.
BE TRUE TO YOURSELF and set yourself free
Plus ignore what others want you to be.
LEAD BY EXAMPLE through encouraging words
And make sure your feelings are absolutely heard.
But words come with actions I seem to recall
So practice what you preach or don't preach at all.
COMPLIMENT EACH PERSON and try to be real
Because people will remember how your praise made them feel.
And as you continue to compliment by the way that you share
People will observe how much you do care.
HELP PEOPLE HEAL any way that you can
Because your positive impact will be an inspirational plan.
Plus as you support others and heal them too
There'll be a positive impact also on you.
Through these simple actions numerous people will be compelled.
Share your SUCCESS and how you have earned
Happiness in life so others can learn.
But share your FAILURES whether too huge or too small
Because people will be inspired by how you got through them all.
So time to inspire and leave your mark too
Because inspiring another is what you should do.
There's nothing else like to encourage and provide
Influence and lead, motivate and guide!