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  • (mis)understanding

    Follow my eyes, understand when they cry
    Comprehend and discern the truth they conceal
    For only a warm heart can really reveal
    What’s hidden behind a glacial smile.

    Upon mean words we stagger and stumble,
    They only begin with a gentle rumble
    But then they flare and unleashed they flow
    Quenching and nourishing our woe

    You spoil me of my shield and use it as a sword
    Pointing to the fact that I said those things
    Your voice grows heavy and pushes heavy swings
    Directed just to striking a chord.

    When cries and yells surmount the speech,
    By then we know we lost the war
    And that’s the goal we ought to reach.

    What a burden it is that we’re just content
    When from dawn to dawn
    We’re not each other’s torment.