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  • Political Undertow

    •We The People are begging for a bearable way,
    Towing our hardships, making due with the day•

    •Speeches frequently spoken in lame disarray,
    Untasteful words spat, direly needing rearranged•

    •Breaking down fibs of the political way,
    Read as their written to hear what's shouted our way•

    •"Expensive lies are covered, no one deserves change.
    The American people will not be justifiably paid"•

    •Firing off rounds, no correctional aim,
    Reality checks are being sent out today•

    •No reconsideration of top dog debts daily paid,
    Fists shaken in anger against 'The American Way'•

    •Bright stars and broad stripes engulfed in invisible flames,
    Change's definition changed to 'maybe one day'•

    •I bow my head to pray for the US of A,
    We are treated as mere pieces in an unlawful game•

    •Understand we are pawns in the political game, but I refuse to be part of the political shame•

    •I refuse to be used•

    •I refuse•

    •I refuse•

    •I refuse•

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