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  • Do I Understand?

    How do I know exactly what you mean,
    Is it because of an action I've seen?
    Or did you really take the time to explain,
    Until it finally clicked inside my brain?

    Learning new things takes me a little longer,
    For my brain is weak, while others may be stronger,
    And the things that enter inside of my head,
    I'll be confused and question 'til new lights been shed.

    So before you leave, thinking I understand,
    Will you guide me closely, take me by the hand,
    And not just assume that I caught on that quick,
    Afraid to say "I don't get",....You, I'll try to trick.
    I'll shake my head like I understand,
    But deep inside, my brain's in another land.
    You'll think I'm so smart, when really I'm just a fool,
    So please, teach me to understand the way that you do.

    Show me the ways that you were able to learn,
    Cause to truly understand, my heart does yearn.
    You'll plant a seed in me that will help me grow,
    Which can help me to teach other people I know.