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  • A Memorial

    Flags cover each
    who've given their all
    In honor of worthy souls
    who've answered the call
    Taps and twenty-one gun salute
    heard through the unnerving pair
    Ripping our living hearts
    in a sad-felt affair
    Justifiable, this tribute proclaims
    an end to a warriors day
    Extreme sacrifice creates a reality
    for a special display
    Death, here is to convey
    ideals shared to transcend
    To protect your freedoms
    our troops lives taken
    'tis hard to comprehend
    To be seen, to the unseen
    salvation will raise their inner core
    When sin is left well behind
    they'll see Heaven's open door
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    For all our US Mlitary men and women, our true Allies and all their families, I thank you for your service.


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      School Bus Bliss

      Bringing on the seasons
      with established reasons
      when riding further more

      No gum or snack
      only water in fact
      will be allowed as before

      Back to back and seat to seat
      be on the same beat
      feet situated on the floor

      Legs out of the asile
      while we all smile
      safety's focus is accounted for

      Bus Driver ideally say
      have a very good day
      exit through this door
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        A Lovers Letter

        Hello, will you be my friend forever...
        and reach me to heights beyond the stars
        I want to love you with body and soul
        But alas, my soul has been spoken my Lord Jesus
        God, the lover of my soul came first before I was concieved
        Though I believe he brought us together
        realizing our union and eventually making love
        will bring us closer to God
        "And the two shall become one flesh"
        In the marriage bed, we will be one flesh, one soul and
        this will be the begining
        I understand where you are going with this; but, my heart
        and mind is telling me otherwise
        I have been stood up at the alter twice and was left after many years
        of marriage because I couldn't give a man, a child.

        God intended us to love..and live in peace with each other
        ...I so wanted to express my feelings... so want to, to you
        Theres so much more to tell you but you haven't asked me
        Hopefully you will become my best friend because I like you
        I will meet your wishes and needs, humor, amuse and cherish which will
        do your heart good and make things pleasant for you
        I just want to be there for you, these are the things I can give

        It seemed you had a one tract mind and something you said
        I'm not sure how to take the remark...have you been hurt?
        We are more than just friends now..Am I wrong? Do you bed down your
        friends and make mad passionate love to them...or am I just a foolish
        woman that was taken in by another smooth operator..can you
        ponder on my thoughts...can you understand my frustration.
        I now realize you are just as frustrated with your life and I sense, where
        do we go from here? Can I be all I dare... I say yes!
        Do I tell you I'm in love with I you want to hear...can you
        handle this, will you? I have never felt this way before...for I wouldn't allow it
        I took a step, a I can't eat, can't sleep. Please wake me up out of this dream and pinch me...Is this enchantment and am I dreaming again...

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          I have some of the best dreams. Smile its all good. I didn't want to wake up.

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        If You Can See

        If you can see your eyes
        you will uncover vitality...where our hearts reside
        one promise of a happy day...arrival to a rapturous place
        t'will sustain our passionate embrace

        Love is bliss and true love long friendships

        If you can view with us...through our eyes
        you'll behold the soul...where the Living Lord abides
        one promise of a faithful day...arrival to a venerated grace
        He'll sustain His spiritual embrace

        Love is within and honestly long friendships

        If all must be our eyes
        we will recognize truth...amount humans demise
        one promise of a restoring day...arrival to a forgiveable base
        Alpha and Omega sustain an inescapable embrace

        Love is bountiful and salvation obeys...affirms life friendships


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          Three In One

          You may hate our mobility, choices, and freedoms
          You are the vandal, barbarian, and savage
          We are the many, different, and unlimited masses

          When will you ever understand?

          Devoting .. To a God and our faith
          Devotion .. To a belief and each other
          Devoted .. To the promises

          You will never win His soul

          Whom am I speaking?

          Do you know the answer?


          • sis
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            This poem was written after one year after 9/11.
            If you don't know the answer, I was told to pray for you.

            Satan is the answer.