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Recognizing the Cycle

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  • Recognizing the Cycle

    Recognizing the Cycle

    When I held my tiny, pure and pristine baby in my arms for the first time
    I looked up toward my mother and gazed deeply into her eyes
    Frozen, like a snowman left behind by children
    Knowing I just received the golden prize
    I smirked and whispered I understand
    Before I was a protector and guider to my beautiful girl
    I was a teenager creating havoc
    I was one who did not care about the path I was heading into
    My confidence and pride did not let me see the views of others
    It was as if I was striving to paint a picture of the world without using any colors

    As a teenager
    I convinced myself that I was misunderstood by all
    I was petrified to speak about my fall because I once stood tall
    I believe that no one have walked the same road as I did
    I lived in a fantasy that I initiated,
    By the boundaries and limitations that I sparked within myself
    Ignorance prevented me to apprehend the true definition of understanding
    I was attempting to tackle life with one eye closed and the other open,
    While I was bending rules and overlooking wisdom
    One acknowledgment echoed through my mind
    My mother would say when I become a father the warmth of my heart will be revealed
    Although, it never caught my attention until later when I was reflecting back on my life

    I would always say I will never be like my mother
    But little did I know I was wrong
    I did not understand the cycle of parenthood
    A child grows to become like its parents
    When I told my mother those simple words back when I wrapped my hands around the joy of my life
    Her big round eyes glittered
    Regardless the bad time of our lives she cracked a smile like a rainbow after a rain storm
    She knew exactly what I meant
    And that’s the proudest moment for a parent
    Too see a child grow and understand
    And I hope one day, I experience the same.
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