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Does anyone understand?

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  • Does anyone understand?

    I sit in the corner of my bedroom,
    Letting the tears flow,
    I can no longer hold in my gloom,
    I'm so ready to go,

    To leave this cruel world and all its hatred,
    To finally go home and be with my dad,
    A place where I am no longer hated,
    A place where I will no longer be sad,

    Mom and my brother are fighting again,
    Probably about me and much of a screw up I am.
    Or how mom is still sleeping around with men,
    Or maybe he failed his final exam,

    I wonder if anyone understands,
    All the pain and misery I go through,
    Mom told me I was unplanned,
    I already know it's true,

    I'm sobbing in the corner,
    My head in my hands,
    My thoughts are such horror,
    Does anyone understand,

    I don't know if I can do this anymore,
    With each passing second my insanity increases,
    Now I know why dad went in the war,
    And he left me here to pick up the pieces,

    Does anyone understand,
    This undeniable pain,
    Does anyone understand,
    My undeniable self shame.