Coffee Beans
by Rebekah Willhite

It all begins
with a teddy bear, a stuffed lion, and
an Oregon State beaver
having a coffee date
while watching Sesame Street.
We move onto
hot chocolate with whipped cream
and don’t forget the sprinkles.
At 16 we hit the drive-thru
“I’d like a mocha frappuccino with non-fat caramel, whole milk
Mexican sweet chocolate, no whip, and two straws”
We simplify in college
because our brains are too full of
details from the battle of Iwo Jima.
So, we drink it plain and black
but from organic beans
and a re-usable cup.
We are broke in our 20’s
and drink whatever is on sale;
Folgers, Yuban or MJB.
At some point we begin to drink
coffee from pots with spouts.
They hide in the corner
at all of life’s big events.
Like the coffee in Styrofoam cup
offered to a granddaughter
visiting her grandfather
who no longer knows her name.
In our thirties,
we settle into the familiar pot of understanding
which spans many decades
with a cup decorated by a child,
then a grandchild
soon to be packed up
and moved with our other treasures
to a place that only serves