Many have searched and experienced the bliss
Of finding the key to their own happiness.
And many have searched and realized the key
Is providing a service to people in need.
Whether your service is too large or too small
Just take a few minutes and grant it to all.
You'll soon understand in all that you do
Is the key to your happiness and the key to peace too.
And you too will see that your work is divine
Because the service you provide will serve humankind.
Now below are examples quite often observed
So continue to read on then get out and serve.
First spending the time with a friend who's alone
Is an uplifting service you shouldn't postpone.
And sharing your words with a person in pain
Is an emotional experience that is simply humane.
Then serving the ill as well as the poor
Will give your life meaning so continue to serve more.
Plus every man and woman and each child too
Who experience misfortune needs some help to pull through.
People are surrounded by tragedy and despair
So give them the service to show that you care.
Now I've read and I've heard from the wise and the old
That depression sets in if your service is on hold.
So trying to help when you're feeling so gray
Will help your depression soon fade away.
And beginning to focus on the work that you do
Or the service you provide will help you get through.
You know every profession that functions today
Offers support that helps in some way.
Plus I know every person wants to provide
Their own special service they're feeling inside.
So I hope that my poem has given you the nudge
Because how you help people is how you'll be judged.
And I hope that in time you're able to foresee
That serving in life will hand you the key.