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  • Shades of Gray

    A situation - I call black, and you call white
    We discuss all through the day into the night
    Into the dark, unto twilight
    Our understanding - our imagination taking flight

    Slowly our words become trite
    We argue, with no respite
    Not a worry, about the consequences of the fight
    Not a worry, about the slew of slights

    Supporters of both our camps, quite forthright
    In their understanding, of wrong from right
    Quite a riot , they manage to incite
    There seems no end, no end at all in sight

    Seemingly, at the rope's end, one reaches a bight
    Another look at the situation, an idea ignites
    Maybe it was wrong to reject black outright?
    Maybe it could be understood just a shade light?

    Slowly, the discussion starts to get polite
    Grasping the opposing viewpoint, and loosening the hold on ours - tight
    An understanding emerges - Neither black not white
    But, beautiful shades of gray, a true delight!
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