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A Familiar Face

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  • rhymarhyma
    Beautifully written, kid. Absolutely.

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  • minorcl4
    started a topic A Familiar Face

    A Familiar Face

    - Carrie Minor

    A boy, with smiles,
    differing from his wrists.
    Creating something special,
    with his hatred in lists.

    It fills me with despair;
    from memories of there,
    reminding me of a home.

    His reasons are silent,
    but scream from his skin.
    Admitting what words can’t,
    it all burning from within.

    However I find it hard to believe:
    that in this he could achieve
    a place to call home.

    There's a want in this world,
    almost like any holy land.
    It is the sharing of pain;
    hoping for someone to understand.

    So we all want this place,
    an immensely deep space,
    familiar enough to be home.
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