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  • Saved Herself

    Momma's babygirl is slitting her wrists,
    Daddy's angel wants to die.
    Under the face she puts on is a shattered, crumbled into puzzle pieces.
    She doesn't know whether or not to sink or swim, because either way she'll drown.

    Momma's little helper is already dead,
    Daddy's princess is bleeding red.
    The cold tile floor has been her home for hours.
    She slowly and gracefully escaped into her happy place,
    Back onto the land.

    Momma's crying at the sight of her daughter,
    Daddy's angry at not realizing.
    When she's six feet under she's no longer fighting the waves,
    Making it easier to breathe.

    They can't understand why she did it until they realize she's smiling in the coffin.