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  • Gymnastics

    My daughters team
    they love gymnastics.
    Always in the gym
    and no time for cliques.
    Practice, sweat and tears
    is what yields them tricks.
    When competing in a meet
    they all start around six.
    Like kids craving candy
    chalk is their true fix.
    Before the uneven bars
    they tighten their grips
    As they all do strive
    for a landing that "sticks."

    Balance beam requires
    true poise and skill
    Sometimes they stay up
    by pure sheer will
    Routines must be flawless
    as coach will instill
    Often shouting, "ladies
    you know the drill
    a perfect execution
    is always a thrill."

    Vaulting by far
    the fastest event.
    Hitting the springboard
    they make their ascent
    coach watches each girl
    with a great extent,
    Remembering the pain
    these girls have all spent
    And the hours it took
    for these tricks to invent.
    As we all watch them fly,
    judges grade their descent
    Sticking the landing
    is always the intent,
    And nearly impossible
    to score a hundred percent.

    The Floor exercise
    receives the loudest cheers
    As they tumble to music
    with a routine to adhere
    And yes all these girls
    must conquer their fears
    A fall or mistake
    may cause a few tears
    But always encouraged
    by teammates their peers.

    Gymnastics is over
    two thousand years old
    During the Olympics
    it started to unfold
    1928 was the year
    when women enrolled.
    It took time to catch on
    before judges were sold
    Now they never quit
    going for the gold.

    Modern men have six events
    while women have four
    For each sex different
    they share vault and floor
    They love the thrill of victory
    and getting medals galore
    As the crowd roots them on
    --Screaming for more.
    But One thing truly
    These ladies do adore
    They all bleed together
    for..."The Ultimate score"