This poem I wrote will change you into
A well-rounded person with a well-rounded view.
And if you obtain every act that I mention
Just know that your heart gave you its absolute attention.
So follow your heart because it is your guide
To listen and trust, to love and provide.
First pay attention, it's your information center
Where questions are answered as soon as they enter.
Plus if it's an answer that continues to nudge
Then what you're receiving should not be prejudged.
It's essential to listen as well as believe
To trust your own feelings to every answer received.
Trust that your heart has every answer for you
And unlocking the door will let answers walk through.
Next discover the love so you can begin
To open your heart that may be closed from within.
Love conquers all because it's one that insists
To nurture, to accept, and eternally persist.
Plus love comes from actions so try to apply
Each thoughtful action viewed from your heart's eye.
The love that you'll share will simply provide
Happiness to others in ample supply.
And providing for many will bring you such pleasure
Since the kindness you offer is your God given treasure.
So I hope you do follow my poem… my guide
Because this is one way I'm asked to provide.
Every nudge that I feel that comes from my heart
Warns me to listen and begin to take part.
And if you're thinking I'm silly I will not demand
For people to take action because I do understand.
But remember I said our heart is our guide
To listen and trust, to love and provide.
So I hope every answer and nudge you receive
Will tell you to act emphatically!