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    She’s like the hail - incomprehensible
    Roofs’ raws in snow - blizzard’s suspense in them
    She moves with leaves and dresses up in sun
    She blooms with wonder, ages - a seasoned one

    It starts with whorls of plums, banana peels and hearts
    Ever the piper wind dances with a gypsy
    Marvelous is her shawl, the heel staunchly cuts
    Out a rhythm hypnotic, charmed with whimsy
    And as she spins the colors slowly change
    The magic lingers, sweet languor, beads of sweat
    On naked waving arms that outward branch
    And hips in bark shapely what yet await
    Or was it simply raining as of late
    The sun is setting and the river sleeps
    Star written canvas is singing lullabies
    To ducks and geese that snugly tucked their beaks
    And she’s the only one awake and weeps
    She hears old witch’s nearing in her cries

    The hag will take away the silver robes
    The gold and velvet as pale sky watches on
    And as the beauty at the meaning gropes
    White innocence will shrug the bony crone
    Blanch veil, rich clothes turned to rubble
    Blanket of lilies, the sorceress made a bed
    But not to sleep, to freeze, the Autumn stumbles
    And gives a last performance, crimson red
    The geese have set in with their racket by the banks
    The river rages and the forest roars
    Old one will quiet them soon, glancing askance
    A final scream comes unconstrained and hoarse
    The audience so hastily forgets
    Taken by glowing elm trees, brilliant trifles
    Made up as Snow Queen and the stage is set
    She wills the trees to ring the hall with rifles
    People watch longingly as white fur turns to ash
    The harridan is congealing their hearts
    The frozen lakes stretched out no longer splash
    But then an ordinary marvel starts
    Startles the viewers to forgotten smiles
    Red fox across white meadow quickly darts
    Or snowman crookedly by children piled
    The lake is turned into a skating rink
    As yet another year is plowed away
    She thought she knew it’s time to rethink
    Or did she fathom she’s here to stay

    She may have dressed up in her finest pearls
    A maiden virginal and chaste will outdo her
    Turned out much tougher than she seemed at first
    She touches all with green, her smile so pure
    Her cloak of wildflowers, her locks of golden sun
    The ducks and geese are back, the birds are chirping
    Icicles’ droplets sing with her as one
    The mirror lakes can’t do her justice, chipping
    Rivers are fuller, forests merrier
    The hearts are touched with different kind of longing
    All seeks to melt in her and she’s to ferry
    To where the wants and hopes await prolonging
    Women are draped to celebrate her tread
    Cities and hursts bow down in adoration
    Men, cleanly shaven, to reflections fret
    Nature and mankind rise in one elation
    If someone says he understands her fully
    Having had met her many times before
    He lies, for solefully and truly
    She never comes the same to and fro

    Affairs get heated up so unexpectedly
    She walks and sheds her final tears in May
    A prima donna is now standing next to her
    Centers the stage, pushes the Spring away
    Hot sultry looks and deep vibrating voice
    Her incantations put a languid spell
    The waterfalls and trills cascade, rejoice
    In her perfumes’ intoxicating smell
    The days run long into the playgrounds, into pools
    The neighbors now have time to sit and sip
    And gossip as the Summer neatly spools
    The water’s blackness where the moon is dipped
    One dog days evening it will surely come to end
    The ocean’s counting the ridges and the tides
    Admirers will thirst to understand
    This roundelay of passing seasons’ hands
    By which they all unknowingly abide

    A babe, a sage, a stooge - not one can pin it
    Faithful and unforetellable in whole
    Capricious female’s vanity, a minute
    Eternity’s informidable toll
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